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If you have an order in pending status with AudioBuy which requires urgent attention - Please include the word 'Urgent' in the subject line of your email. This will ensure your enquiry is pushed to the top of our response queue and you can expect a reply within 1 business day (excluding weekends). Please include your order number in all correspondence. Your order number was included in the confirmation you received after purchase and can be viewed in your account (example order ID : 200001081).

Tracking Your Order
Your tracking information will be emailed to you 4-12 hours before it is picked up by the postal service. 

We ship through USPS Mail , Fedex and DHL depending on the size , weight and value of the goods.

If you require a specific postal method , please let us know in the comments form during checkout.

If your order has shipped with USPS - Please allow the USPS.com online tracking system 12-24 hours to show tracking & scan progress.

  1. Order update please :
    I was provided the tracking # yesterday and was wondering how long before my guitar is delivered (Schecter C1 Custom).

  2. Hey AudioBuy , I purchased a Line6 PODHD500X about 1 week ago and the tracking number appears to be stuck at my post office , can you please update. Thanks.
    Order number was : 21954455
    Michael , looking forward to receiving my new toy as early as possible.

  3. Hello, i've emailed you on your AudioBuy website , i'm wanting to know what the improt tax is likely to be if I order a Keeley pedal , delivery address Hong Kong.

  4. Order : #21954455
    Order : #34309934
    We have emailed you directly with a follow up to your order status.

    Keeley pedal deliveries to Hong Kong will incur no additional import tax. Hong Kong does not apply any form of tax or tariff.

    Thank You ,

    AudioBuy Customer Support

  5. So I was facing an issue whether or not to buy 2 guitars from my local or from overseas at the cheaper price. I was reluctant at first especially after my local store , who will go un-named , told me every story under the sun to not purchase from overseas and the end cost would be the same , if not more. I spent some time comparing the price of AudioBuy with my local store and dedicated to go with Audiobuy for this one and received several well communicated emails so I felt confident moving forward. The first guitar arrived about 1 week ago and the second guitar just arrived so i'm very happy and in the mood for leaving this positive review of Audiobuy. If you're considering buying a guitar , dj or any other type of musical instrument then I would suggest stopping by AudioBuy to check on their price and comparing it to your local store - if the price difference is huge then yes , perhaps buying from overseas markets is the better decision to make.

    Customer review submitted by 'Scotty'

  6. A little embarrassed

    One month ago i went online to Audiobuy to buy a set of earphones to have delivered to my house. I paid about $300 dollars but after 6 days I did not get anything. The next day I emailed AudioBuy about what the hell was going on and they said the earphones weren't in stock but someone else at my company had apparently agreed to us waiting a few days for more stock to arrive and be shipped. I was not aware of this so I asked around my office and it turns out AudioBuy were right so I ended up sending loud emails for no reason. I apologised to the guy at AudioBuy about the attitude and requested a tracking number which he emailed through. Looking back on the experience now it was overall a pleasant one. The item left their address 5 days after my card was billed and then with Fedex for another 4 days. I got my earphones in the end and would recommend AudioBuy if their price is right.

  7. Mucked around by AudioBuy

    Paid for express delivery didn't turn up till 6 days latter

    Cheers for mucking me about when i could've picked it up locally in 1-2 days.


  8. AudioBuy Reviews5 February 2017 at 12:52

    Fantastic headphones for the price...

    I bought the Sennheiser HD 201 headphones from the Australian brand of AudioBuy and they are a fantastic set of headphones for the price. Exceptionally clear sound and very comfortable to wear. Service from Katie was excellent and i'll be back to buy more stuff soon when I can afford it. Being a musician on a tight budget I think we need more music shops selling to Australia at the prices the same product costs overseas. When I spent a week checking the price for the same set of headphones at other music stores I was taken back by difference in price and never really got an answer or justification on why they were asking so much more....at the end of the day it wasn't a big purchase from Audiobuy but if I were spending more money I'd be tempted to buy from overseas again just to save a few hundred bucks if nothing else. I'm ranting on here a bit , thanks AudioBuy.

    Customer review submitted by 'Gil'

  9. Audiobuy Reviews5 February 2017 at 12:53

    I ordered three products from AudioBuy , around the $1.5k mark was the sum total of my purchase. One item wasn't in stock , I was notified about this and when they could send all of the items because they apparently needed to ship all items together instead of individually. I was notified about 1 week later with the tracking number and my order finally arrived this morning. Took about 13 days in total so I could've saved time purchasing locally but potentially spent more. I don't know what the local price is for the order I made through AudioBuy but overall i'd rate these guys 4/5 and will probably use them again along with my bandmate who plays the bass.

  10. AudioBuy Australia Reviews5 February 2017 at 13:18

    Very efficient, great customer service and great prices.

    Customer review submitted by 'David'

    I've never any troubles or delays with AudioBuy but don't buy from their Europe warehouse in Sweden but to Australia and prefer their AudioBuy Australia store because the currency is in my AUD and not another currency. I read somewhere that someone's card was billed a different amount that what they had paid but before purchasing I checked with AudioBuy and they said this is not possible , sure enough when I checked out my card was billed the exact amount as was listed on the AudioBuy website and my first ever order with them got to me in just over a week. My review of Audiobuy would be nearly perfect except for the delay in a few of my emails being responded to before I purchased.

  11. Delivered but didn't get the tracking number?

    AudioBuy customer review submitted by 'Rocker Ray'

    Ordered a guitar from music 123 on Dec 27 and received it promptly on Jan 3 using standard shipping. I was unable to track the shipment online as no UPS tracking number was provided. I requested tracking info by email and recieved a very slow response (recieved on 1/6) after the item arrived. This would have been a great experience except for not being able to track the shipment.

  12. Really bad customer service but the guitar eventually arrived after multiple issues. I ordered a cheap Godin guitar valued at just above $1000 so I asked for insurance and tracking. They responded with my tracking number and said all the items Audiobuys ship include freight insurance. This is where the problems started. After 2 days the guitar was not yet delivered but the tracking number showed delivered. I contacted AudioBuy and told them that I had not received the guitar and they told me it was delivered and to check my address again. At this point I began to get really upset and asked to talk to the manager of Audiobuy , I passed onto a girl called katie who told me she'd look into it. After another nail biting 2 days I was emailed that the tracking number details were updated and showed the item was waiting for me at my local post pickup. In the end the guitar got to me , albeit after 1-2 weeks but the initial tracking number was a really stressful time.

  13. This was my first order with AudioBuys
    This was my first order with AudioBuys, and it was a great experience! Although it took some time for my order to ship; the prices were great, and the merchandise arrived in perfect shape! My only complaint is that they never respond to price matching requests. I will continue to do business with Audiobuy , and would recommend them to my friends. They're quite good!
    Customer review submitted by 'Martin'

  14. Good but confused communication from the AudioBuy.com.au staff
    Item arrived quickly and in good condition even though I originally got a notification that it was backordered.
    Customer review submitted by 'Christopher'

  15. I put I order in full knowing that the item were out of stock. So I waited and got a call within the next couple of weeks asking about my order has things were out of stock, did I want to cancel it, change it, leave it, etc. I just left my and I was told if I haven't seen anything, call at the end of the month. As I didn't see anything, I called and they help me greatly explaining that it was a supplier delay on 1 of the products. The next day I see a delivery conformation. Would recommended to anyone, great service, fast delivery, I just got caught up with suppliers delaying products.

    Item was shipped quickly (1 day after ordering) and arrived quickly, very happy with service. However...I did not recieve the specified colour that I had ordered..but I am not bothered that much as the one I recieved was a limited edition colour and grew on me very quickly. :)

  16. AudioBuy.com.au Review8 February 2017 at 13:18

    Ibanez guitar arrived but they got the pickup order wrong first time around...

    i bought a new Jem for my daughter and included 2 extra DiMarzios , my guitar luthier mate was going to install the separate pickups in the Jem when it arrived. The first problem was the guitar took just a week to arrive , I thought Fedex were faster than 7 day delivery but I guess i was wrong. The guitar arrived in good condition but when we opened the box it was disappointing to see that AudioBuy packers had obviously confused the dimarzio set with a single pickup , after 2 days of emailing back and forth with Katie they agreed to send me the pickup set and I could keep the single pickup i'd received. Overall , it's a mixture of a good and bad experience.

    Customer review submitted by 'Justin'

  17. Good prompt delivery.for my wife's birthday present. I ordered this completely online after discussions previously when I bought a set for myself.

  18. Great service! I bought the DDJ-RZ and it came with a faulty nob. But I took it back the next day and They gave me a new controller in perfect condition.

  19. Flexible and helpful....I have dealt with AudioBuy.com.au Australia a few times now , the first time i purchased from them I was very precautious because of information I was told by a business competitor about them not providing a warranty. After I received my first purchase I made another order and have since found them to be extremely helpful and ready to negotiate or price match without sacrificing quality service.

  20. Quick supply of product, no fuss
    I'm happy no complaints , no fuss or delay in getting my tracking and delivery. May use AudioBuy again ,being a musician aint cheap.

  21. We just received 2 very good mics from Audiobuy with plans to get a few more before recording sessions re-start this month. The guys at AudioBuy.com.au were very helpful in pushing down the price when we asked for bulk pricing quotes and we're completely satisifed with your equipment. I'm not able to comment on their returns,refunds or warranty policy as we haven't needed to do any of these.

  22. I wanted to buy something cheap from Audiobuy to try the online buying game but audiobuy do not sell anything it seems below $150aud. The cheapest product i could find was the heet ebow plus valued at $122 aud well thats what i paid for it....the good news is that my order from audiobuy did arrive pretty quickly but im still not comfortable enough spending more than $100 odd with an overseas based retailer.

  23. Hey guys , check my order # attached to this message. My parcel is at the local post office and they want me to pick it up but i cannot do this for a few days - can you please contact the local post and get them to deliver it's ok if they leave it at my door i live in a secluded part of town and my sister will be there to take it inside.


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